‘Tattooing the World Over’ 1st Edition was written and put together by Milton Zeis in 1947. This publication includes information on the “successful method of removing tattooes”, pictures of tattooed Native Indians and Japanese people, tattooing permanent make-up, tattooing animals, use of stencils, and more. It’s 17 pages long and is 8.5inches by 11 inches. In 1947 the book cost $1.00 – in today’s dollars with inflation it would cost roughly $10.13. It’s obviously worth way more than that, but then again I’m biased. 😉

Recently a fan, Jeff M., asked me the differences between the original publication and any reprints. I unfortunately do not own a reprint/replication. Does anyone know any differences between the two? I was hoping someone in the community could help us out. If you have any information please share it in the comments below.

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