Vintage tattoo flash

“x” by the zeis studio

20 designs make up this vintage piece of tattoo artwork.

Twenty tattoo designs include: Hand carrying tray with alcohol, crown with dagger, hand carrying flowers, sailor with flower/banner, flying seahorse/Hippocampus, sword, pipe with plant, WAC warrior, leaf, bird with flower and banner “Love”, Torch with “Indiana Dec. 11, 1816, cow, flower with banner, angel with trumpet, Globe with lightning bolt, head in cresent, skull, snake, book


This tattoo flash is an original replication on thick, board. All four edges are taped. These were printed on large pieces of board and then cut down to four.
Artist: Unknown – Some say maybe Doc King
Date: Unknown
Dimensions:  10.5″ x 8.25″ – Landscape, rectangle

See tattoo flash piece “w”
See tattoo flash piece “y”
See tattoo flash piece “z”

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