Vintage tattoo flash

“y” by The zeis studio

There are 20 tattoo designs in this piece of vintage tattoo flash.

Twenty tattoo designs include: “Our Boys” with riffle and hat, eagle with U.S.A. and ship, cross through heart, bird, ship with banner and leaves, horse with wings, clown, eagle head, globe with 1946, dragon or horse, cross, bug, globe, alcohol bottle with snake, badge, bird with envelope, hand with “Mother” on card


This tattoo flash is an original replication on thick, board. All four edges are taped. These were made a large piece of board and cut down into 4 smaller sheets.
Artist: Unknown – Some say Doc King
Date: Unknown
Dimensions:  10.5″ x 8″ – Landscape, rectangle

See tattoo flash piece “w”
See tattoo flash piece “x”
See tattoo flash piece “z”

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