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NEW T-Shirts are Finally Here!!!

It’s been a long wait, but well worth it as the NEW The Zeis Studio shirts have arrived! Blood Shed: Snake vs. Eagle vs. Dragon Original graphics. Limited Run. About 5 t-shirts per size. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and 2X These badass RED t-shirts have a screen print of fight between a dragon, snake, and eagle. Who would win? They are high quality American Apparel t-shirts made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Made in USA. The back is blank and there is a TZS logo on the left arm sleeve. As you know I don’t put out new...

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Tattooing the World Over- 1st Edition

‘Tattooing the World Over’ 1st Edition was written and put together by Milton Zeis in 1947. This publication includes information on the “successful method of removing tattooes”, pictures of tattooed Native Indians and Japanese people, tattooing permanent make-up, tattooing animals, use of stencils, and more. It’s 17 pages long and is 8.5inches by 11 inches. In 1947 the book cost $1.00 – in today’s dollars with inflation it would cost roughly $10.13. It’s obviously worth way more than that, but then again I’m biased. 😉 Recently a fan, Jeff M., asked me the differences between the original publication and any reprints. I unfortunately do not own a reprint/replication. Does anyone know any differences between the two? I was hoping someone in the community could help us out. If you have any information please share it in the comments below. If you have questions about Zeis memorabilia or would like to share your knowledge/expertise contact me- info AT...

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Tim Atwell – Thank You for Your Support!

Tim Atwell – Thank You for Your Support! “Hi, this is Delicious Ink Tattoo.” My tattoo research began in the yellow pages of the phone book. I began calling tattoo shops in my area to see if anyone knew of Milton Zeis. It only took my second phone call to find a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable tattooer. His name is Tim Atwell. Tim has helped to support me and The Zeis Studio from its re-inception in 2007. He helped me to understand the tattoo community, the lingo, and of course tattoo history. When Tim went to tattoo conventions he...

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