“Tattooing?…Great-Grandpa?…What was that all about?” Believe it or not, Great-Grandpa Milton and The Zeis Studio were not mentioned much while I was growing up. After Milton passed away in 1972 my grand-parents kept the business going for Lorena (Milton’s second wife) for another 10 years or so. They filled the orders as best they could, but they were not experts in the industry and my grand-father wanted very little to do with the tattoo industry. It wasn’t until my college years that I began to research(see ‘About Me‘ section) and dig deep into the greatness that is Milton Zeis and The Zeis Studio.

Many individuals considered Milton to be one of the forefathers in the industry. So, I have started up The Zeis Studio once more in hopes that it helps to keep Milton and tattoo history alive. I have started this blog to help me capture my journey with The Zeis Studio, and archiving its collection. I want to share with you the proper techniques in the archiving process, tattoo history and how it relates today, and hopefully we are able to bounce questions and answers off of each other. This means a lot to me, so anything you can share whether it is criticism, opinions, or stories, I’d love to hear it. Please recognize that I am a very busy girl and sometimes I fail at responding promptly, my apologizes in advance. I also appreciate R-E-S-P-E-C-T (you’ve got to sing it like Aretha) and as long that is followed feel free to comment under postings or send an email to info(AT)thezeisstudio(DOT)com.

Thanks for your support,