Tattoo Design T-Shirt Giveaway


The Zeis Studio is in need of some new shirts! Help me decide what designs to put on the new shirts by commenting below(must comment to enter). Tell me what your favorite tattoo designs are whether it be the Hawaiian girl, a dragon, vintage tattoo machine, deck of cards, dagger, eagle with cannons, or any other vintage, Milton Zeis design. 5 lucky people will be chosen at random to receive one new t-shirt. 1 comment per person. If you tweet or like the post be sure to tell me in your comment, this gives you an additional entry. Make sure you enter your name and email address  so I can identify you later.

There are just so many designs! It’s hard for me to choose one!

6 thoughts on “Tattoo Design T-Shirt Giveaway

  1. I like the idea of the Hawaiian girl on the front of the shirt and the tattoo machine on the back!

  2. Good stuff, Melissa. I really like the style of the female pirate holding the sword. Maybe that on the front and the Zeiss brand on the back? I also like the sailor’s grave anchor and any of the rope knots.

  3. I think that a gypsy girl or an iconic eagle and sheild design….I’ll have to go look in my Zeis stuff and see what is cool….something from the center page of ‘Tattooing the World Over’ maybe, there are some great designs on that page….let me go look at what I have in my stuff, be right back……
    ……..the back page of “Tattooing the World Over” would be great, my other suggestions would be the gypsy girl on the left on sheet 5-D and the girl, flag, eagle and sheild from page 9-D or the peacock on sheet 1-D ( I also like the black cat on the 13) from the Money Making Sheets, or any of your great grandfathers black panther designs….it’s so hard to choose from….
    …oh by the way did I mention that I run the NW Tattoo Museum in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and I have one of the old mailers for the money making set and tattooing the world over and a couple of sheets in my museum…I will be getting copies of everything you have from you as soon as I can to put in the museum…till I can find an original to replace them, and if not, it still has great history behind it coming thru you….
    …OK well there’s my 2 cents for what it’s worth…I think what you are doing is great, your great grandfather was one of the ones who paved the road for tattooing as it is today, he is truly one of the greats….all the best…
    Jay Brown
    NW Tattoo Museum
    Rosini Tattoo Family

    • Thanks Jay for your response, I appreciate it! We are currently working on the t-shirts now. I’d love to hear more about your Tattoo Museum. I’ll contact you soon as I am feeling under the weather right now.